Anxiety and the Current Pandemic

Recently, our good friend Michael Ramsey invited Neil to sit down and discuss “Anxiety and the Current Pandemic”. We decided to share the video of their discussion here. You can click on the play button below or follow the link right below it. Also, please take time to check out Michael’s content on his website: Continue reading “Anxiety and the Current Pandemic”

Sharing a great blog!

A good friend of ours, Michael Ramsey, wrote a blog this week that I felt resonated with some of the things we have been recently discussing.  We talk a lot about knowing who we are and this blog fits in perfectly.  He says “When people don’t have a clear sense of who they are, they are in danger of becoming whoever they are around.”  Michael then goes on to give some tips on being your authentic self. Continue reading “Sharing a great blog!”

Guest Post – Vulnerability vs Transparency

Today we are sharing a guest post from our friends at Trueface.  This is from their new 365 day devotional that will be released next month.  Their idea with this book is to present one idea per day: keeping it simple so it can be profoundly applicable.  You can find out more and preorder the devotional at



Why is it you can be around someone telling you personal things about themselves and yet you still feel outside their loop? Maybe it’s because there’s a chasm of difference between transparency and ­vulnerability. Transparency is choosing to disclose yourself to others but in ways you choose. You’re being open but you’re in control, with little intention of letting anyone in. Preachers have often been accused of this selective openness. In vulnerability, you not only tell the truth about you but also allow others in to help. You’re giving others permission to know the pain of your weakness, allowing them to care for you.

You’re not only allowing yourself to come out of hiddenness, but you are also no longer pretending you can solve what you’ve revealed. The important point is not that something gets fixed, but that nothing ever has to be hidden. Have you been transparent or vulnerable with the issues in your life? Who would you let in to ask for their care and help?

1 Peter 1:22


Parenting: Trust VS Compliance (Vlog)

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This video is in response to a recent blog post: “Parental Regret: Seeking a Compliant Child“. We sit down with our son, Michael, and discuss how our relationship with him took a dark turn when we made it more about fear, control, and compliance than trust.

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