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Panic to Peace: Living Free from the Grip of Fear

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Easy to Say! Only those who struggle with fear and anxiety know the anguish. Many experience a sense of paralysis so intense it stops them in their tracks. Others, racked by guilt, believe such attacks to be the result of God’s anger. Getting to the root of the problem is crucial because unmasking anxiety is the first step to change. In Panic to Peace, Neil McLamb, draws upon his own battle with fear and anxiety–from the first episode during an 8th grade public speaking event to the ensuing panic attacks which began taking over his life. Once Neil began to view himself through the eyes of his heavenly Father, he was on the road to recovery. It is his desire to lead others to the peace that once escaped him.



Neil McLamb writes in brutally honest terms about the long slide into paralyzing fear and how he found healing in the affectionate embrace of the Father. Panic to Peace is great encouragement to those battling the lies behind fear.

— Wayne Jacobsen, author of “He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection”

Panic to Peace has made me more aware, to connect the dots in my struggles, stop, assess my situation and begin to regroup.

— Jennifer Bell, Educator

Anyone who has felt their life was out of control should read Panic to Peace–Neil’s very frank account of his journey away from a life restricted by fear.

— Tony Johnson

Those who battle anxiety know the isolation it can cause. Neil McLamb understands this and with God’s help has been able to reach the other side of panic and fear. His story offers hope and comfort for so many.

— Lizzie T. Branch, PhD

This book is everyone’s journey from fear and isolation to freedom and acceptance. I highly recommend it!

— Scott Radosevich


Panic to Peace: Living Free from the Grip of Fear is currently available at Amazon.com.