Back At It

After quite a long break from writing anything at all, I have decided to put forth an effort to do so again. This desire has reemerged after a period of pain, struggle, healing, and maybe even some growth. More about that in a later post, MAYBE.

But back to writing and why I am bothering to do this. I honestly don’t know if anyone is left on the subscription list from the old website. I could check, but do not plan to. I have no plan to market or spread the word that I’ve started this up again. At one point, Melissa and I had many avid readers that we enjoyed hearing from. We sincerely appreciated all of those people. However, I realize after a long absence of any posts, there may be few, if any, who will read this.

So why do it? It’s purely an exercise of acting on a desire. I love writing. I am certainly not the best at it, but I do love it. But more than that, I love thinking about things, talking about those things, and sharing life experiences. I have found that I don’t really care to do it in order to teach a lesson or engage in some other self-marketing campaign. When I have approached things in that way, I have been gravely disappointed not only in the result, but in myself. It’s just not me.

What I enjoy more than writing is talking. I’m not referring to idle chit chat. I have only a limited amount of energy for that. Although I do love having fun and laughing, I want some serious interaction in order to hold my attention. I’m referring to conversations of depth: real dialogue about real life experiences.

And that’s what I will do here, but by means of writing. I won’t hold myself to any rules about content other than I will do my best to write authentically and deeply about real life experiences.